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June’s Climate Ambassadors Meeting Was a Huge Success!

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By Aiko Fukuchi

Thank you to everyone who attended June’s Climate Ambassadors meeting! We covered a lot of ground, discussing topics from energy poverty to which renewable energy sources work best in Detroit!

Alisha Opperman from Michigan Community Resources led a training that helped Climate Ambassadors improve their outreach skills followed by a discussion of what projects community members are excited to work on in the near future.

13339657_525741307610354_2262534174388642176_nClimate Ambassadors also discussed current projects and workshops many are working on across the city. Some projects include a community downspout garden being built by community members on Van Dyke Street in West Village, Climate Ambassadors-led recycling workshops, and initiatives being taken by residents across the city to install more efficient, environmentally friendly, solar-powered streetlights in their neighborhoods.

After the meeting we spoke with one of our newest Climate Ambassadors, Courtney Chennault, who shared her first impressions of the Climate Ambassador program:

“I really enjoyed my first Climate Ambassadors meeting! I was able to meet and listen to other environmentally passionate people who are leaders in Detroit. It was inspiring and educational to hear what projects other people in the room were working on. As people shared their backgrounds, I kept thinking, “Wow, that’s someone I want to connect with! I think the Climate Ambassadors have a lot of potential, and I am excited to have a part in the exciting work that lies ahead.”

MPC 16 Podcast: Kimberly Hill Knott

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Kimberly Hill Knott, Director of Policy stopped by the Mlive media group at the Mackinaw Policy Conference  to talk about environmental issues that must be tackled as we evolve into a smart city, using smart technology.

Press Release: DWEJ President Receives Service to Humanity Award

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DWEJ Guy W Award pr 060316_Page_1

Position Announcement: Community Outreach Coordinator Zero Waste Detroit

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ZWD position announcement 06 16_Page_1

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