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Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice call out Trump for dangerous energy plan

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Trump’s plan to burn more coal and increase dangerous pollution a threat to public health

DETROIT – Kimberly Hill Knott, Director of Policy for Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, issued the following statement today in response to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s speech to the Detroit Economic Club on Monday, Aug. 8.

“Mr. Trump’s irresponsible energy plan would threaten the health of Detroiters and families across Michigan. Burning coal spews dangerous pollution into our air and has been linked to premature death, increased asthma rates and other respiratory diseases, especially in low-income and communities of color.  All communities deserve clean air to breathe, which is why Trump’s plan to dismantle important air quality protections and increase dangerous pollution is reckless and a major step backward. It is clear that coal company profits are much more important to Trump than the health and well-being of the American people.”

“Mr. Trump’s claim that the ‘war on coal has cost Michigan over 50,000 jobs’ is completely false. Even DTE and Consumers Energy have indicated that no jobs have been lost as a result of coal-plant closures. Moreover, it seems that Mr. Trump doesn’t understand that Michigan is not a producer of coal and we import 100 percent of the coal we burn from other states.”

“Michigan has taken great strides to reduce dangerous pollution from coal-burning power plants by utilizing clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Michigan’s clean energy sector has created more than 87,000 jobs while reducing dangerous pollution and saving lives. We challenge Candidate Trump to meet with environmental justice advocates and see how dangerous pollution threatens the lives of children, families and seniors in low-income communities. We need leaders who will stand up for the most impacted communities and reduce dangerous pollution, not make it worse.”


DWEJ is a nonprofit that champions local and national collaboration to advance environmental justice and sustainable redevelopment by fostering clean, healthy and safe communities through innovative policy, education and workforce initiatives.