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Detroit Climate Ambassadors: Summer into Autumn

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We had some wonderful folks come out to our most recent Detroit Climate Ambassador gathering on August 20th. Residents of many places in Detroit and its surrounding areas showed up to weigh in on important conversations around how to address climate issues affecting Detroit residents today and in the future.

During this month’s meet up, we were able to accomplish collectively writing a mission statement for the Detroit Climate Ambassador program. Wibke Heymach did an excellent job at facilitated a workshop which provided us with helpful guidelines and key points to highlight and focus on. We discussed creating a mission statement that is specific enough to the program, but that is also broad enough to include all the different types of projects the climate ambassadors are working on now, and will grow into in grow in the future. We split up into two groups, and each group wrote its own mission statement.

After they finished, each group shared their mission statement with the other, and we discussed how to merge our collective ideas. The final statement reads:

The Detroit Climate Ambassadors seek to build resilience to a changing climate by engaging Detroit area residents working collaboratively to center the voices and efforts of Detroit community members in their communities. We seek to connect, prepare, and take action through community-based climate action projects.

We were also able to discuss other relevant topics like the Detroit Climate Action Collaborative’s (DCAC)


Climate Stories project, and the needs and wants of some of our current climate ambassadors. The Climate Stories project, headed by DCAC and the University of Michigan Dearborn is a project that will tell the history of climate change and its impact on the city of Detroit through a documentary. The documentary will include narratives and personal interviews of some of Detroit’s residents. DCAC is looking to the climate ambassadors to share some of their climate-related stories in this project. To prepare resident story-tellers for this, the DCAC team is organizing story-telling workshops that will help people form their stories in a way that allows them to convey what they hope to and have the greatest impact possible on their audience in the time they will be given. The next workshop will be held on September 19th , 6pm at Coffee & ______ (14409 E. Jefferson Avenue). If you have a story to share about climate change and Detroit, come share your story with us, while learning some new skills!

Per the request of the climate ambassadors, we are planning to have information to both hand out and present at our next gathering on different terms used in discussing the effects of the climate change and how these effects are impacting Detroit specifically. By doing this, we will be able to work together more effectively, and we can start projects from here out with the same understanding of what we are up against.

If you’re interested in learning more about the impacting climate change, or want to know how you can be involved, join us at our next climate ambassador meeting Saturday, September 17th. Connect to us through email, or Facebook to stay tuned on further details like location and time for our next meet up, as well as new projects we’ll be working on!