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Environmental Justice Tours

Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice is the go-to tour guide if you want to see what is happening environmentally in Detroit. For years, we have been designing and conducting bus tours for business, nonprofit, educational and governmental groups, as well as everyday residents. A DWEJ Environmental Justice Tour enables you to witness everything from waste incinerators and abandoned factories to dynamic river parks and thriving urban farms. See what Detroit is rising up from as well as where the city is headed.

For EJ Tour inquiries, please contact ejtour@dwej.org.
For media inquiries, email communications@dwej.org or call (313) 833.3935 x23.


Detroit youth summit_2The Detroit Youth Climate Summit

DWEJ’s annual Youth Climate Summit, a program of our Detroit Climate Action Collaborative (DCAC), brings hundreds of students from high schools across the city together to explore environmental issues, including climate change and its impact on their world, now and into the future. The 2015 Summit was hosted by DCAC, in partnership with Detroit Public Schools, at the new Michigan Science Center.  This year’s event was part of a program introduced by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to encourage education and literacy around climate change and energy issues.

One of ten national and five international locations, the Summit was also made possible through partnerships with the Association of Science-Technology Centers, NOAA, U.S. Department of Energy, the Wild Center, EcoWorks, and the Michigan Science Center. Speakers included Becky Bolinger from the Great Lakes Environmental Research Center and hip-hop artists Tem Blessed and Cita-Light. With small group sessions, students were able to create climate action projects to bring back to their communities.



Detroit Youth Climate Summit participant, student Janette Flores attended the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris. She participated in “Youth for Climate” at the Paris Science Museum while other Detroit students had an opportunity to be part of a global teleconferenced conversation with young people from around the world, broadening and enhancing their vision of Detroit, and themselves, as significant shapers in today’s world.


IMG_3960Detroit Environmental Agenda (DEA)

Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice—in conjunction with EcoWorks (formerly WARM Training Center), Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, Zero Waste Detroit, Michigan Environmental Council, Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance, Recycle Here! and Data Driven Detroit—has published the Detroit Environmental Agenda (DEA). Based on citizen input and available data and analysis, the DEA outlines existing conditions, chronicles current initiatives and opportunities, and presents policy recommendations. The DEA was crafted to be a useful tool for Detroiters to serve as citizens and leaders committed to a cleaner, safer, healthier Detroit. This report is one piece of the larger goal of bringing awareness to the role of a healthy environment in a vibrant Detroit.

Here are the HOT FACTS.

Read the Detroit Environmental Agenda report.